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Dead Nation: Zombie Survival Guide Trailer

Here is an interesting new game that is coming to the PSN. It’s called Dead Nation and it’s about surviving the onslaught of zombies. This seems to be one of those games that is just what you want in killing zombies. You’re give a whole bunch of weapons, and do whatever it takes to survive. You get a Rifle, for power and accuracy in taking out zombies from afar, you get a Shotgun to help you when entering tight alleyways and crossing bridges for close combat, and an SMG to mow down enemies as they are about to overrun you. There is also a flamethrower for all you pyromaniacs out there that just want to burn everything to the ground. Some of the other ideas that really stand out to be about the game is how you can use the environment to aid you.

You can shoot a vending machine when you have a bunch of zombies catching up to you, the vending machine goes crazy, and distracts the zombies as you run for safety or you can do something a bit more creative. Place a land mine in front of the vending machine, have the zombies go after the vending machine and well we know what happens next. Sound interesting? Good! Now go and check out the trailer after the jump.