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Rockstar Dropping the Ban Hammer Next Week!

Seems like the folks over at Rockstar don’t take to kindly to cheaters screwing up their game. According to their website Rockstar is going to drop the ban hammer as promised. However they are giving those of you who have been cheating a chance for redemption, delete your saved hacked games, single/multiplayer and they promise to forgive you, fail to do so, well you might as well kiss your hard earned money good-bye. To those of you who took advantage of temporary exploits to rapidly grind up XP a few weeks ago, you will be forgiven.

Those that get banned will also be removed from the leaderboards, which I think is fair enough. There’s no place for you since you will no longer be playing the game. Do keep in mind that after you have deleted your hacked game save(s) you will also need to do the following:

Go online with Red Dead Redemption (prior to August 24th) for it to register that you’re now playing clean. For single-player saves, you will need to re-play the game while connected until you gain access to the safehouse at MacFarlane’s ranch. For multiplayer saves, you will need to play one full game online or do one Gang Hideout.