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More GT5 Information from Gamescom

Looks like some new information has been posted over at the Official Blog. To start, B-Spec mode is back (where you’re basically the ‘Team Director’ and you use your driver’s strengths and techniques to direct him through a race toward victory. From other reports I read, it’s a lot more in-depth than B-Spec modes of the past, but it’s still not for everyone (after all, why get a racing game and not race?). A-Spec mode, of course, will be the biggest draw, since that actually puts you in the driver’s seat.

The Garage will allow you to own multiple cars, and the whole sorting system has been re-done to make finding specific rides MUCH easier. You still purchase cars from dealerships (both new and used), as well as be able to take your vehicles to tuning shops for body kits and new parts. No idea if you’re able to paint your cars any color you want, though.

My Lounge is an online component of the title, allowing you to set up track days with other PSN users and friends. This will probably be what we’ll be spending time on if/when we do our Race Nights (which I will have more details for at a later time).

The ‘Course Maker’ allows users to, essentially, create their own tracks. You can’t lay out the track yourself, but you can tell the game how many turns you want, whether it’s a looped track or A-to-B, what the theme is, weather conditions, and the time, etc. I couldn’t find a video of it in action, but it, at least, sounds pretty cool and definitely adds some variety to the already large track selection.

And finally, Kart racing. Many professional racers got their start in kart racing, and many still do it to keep their skills sharpened. Not sure what else to say about that, as it’s pretty straightforward, but it is pretty cool that it is in there. Personally, I don’t know how often I’m going to be playing that, though.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as the game releases in early November!