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KZ3 Multiplayer Questions

Gamescom brought us a bunch of new information about Killzone 3, and I won’t bother going over it here. You know what Google is – use it! Now that I’ve gone over all the information I can find, I still have questions:

  1. Very little has been said about the classes. There are five classes, they tell us, and you can choose any of them right from the get-go. As you play the game, you gain points that you can allocate to your class to gain new abilities. Two questions arise. One: what if I want to use several classes? Will there be enough points in the game for me to upgrade all the classes I want to play? Or will I run out? Two: can I reallocate points if I decide that I was going in the wrong direction with a class?
  2. Chat. Can I now talk to the entire team? It seems like we can from what I’ve read, but it’s still a little foggy. We really need the ability to talk to the whole team.
  3. Guerilla Warfare. The much-requested team death match feature? I don’t understand. We already had team death match in KZ2. It was called Body Count.
  4. Will the clans we created for KZ2 carry over to KZ3?
  5. Will we be getting any lone-wolf game types, like straight-up (non-team) death match or king of the hill?
  6. Will we be able to customize weapons?
  7. Will there be any in-match rewards for doing well? Like killstreaks?