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Sony Takes the Crown at Gamescom

…and the winner is….

There’s still 2 days left for Gamescom but Sony’s already walked away with some of the top honors of the event. The convention’s jury ( a group of press and industry figures ) crowned Sony’s and Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 with not one, but two awards :Best of Gamescom and Best Console Game. Sony’s PlayStation Move also won in the category of Best Hardware Accessories.

Best of Gamescom: Gran Turismo 5 (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Best Hardware Accessories: PlayStation Move (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Best Console Game: Gran Turismo 5 (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Super Scribblenauts (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Best Online Game: Guild Wars 2 (NCsoft)
Best PC Game: Crysis 2 (EA/Crytek)
Best Family Entertainment: Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Nintendo)

I was a bit surprised to see that NCSoft’s Guild Wars 2 won in the Best Online Game category and not Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV which is due out next month. Maybe it was the extra $3 per character in FFXIV that sealed the deal….