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Dead Nation Beta Giveaway!

I have a voucher code for the Dead Nation Beta. Since the Beta actually started yesterday, I want to pick a winner for this tonight. To enter this contest, leave a comment here saying how you plan to survive the Zombie invasion.

More details about the Beta after the jump.

So you won’t be able to make the first ‘Free Play’ but you can make the second one. I’ll pick a winner at random at 7 PM Mountain Time. Please only leave one comment per person.

I will send a private message to the winner with the voucher code, so you’ll need to be a registered member of, it’s free and only takes a minute.


  1. i plan to survive the zombie invasion just like i did in WaW pick a corner and open a can of woop ass

  2. Heinous

    Run and scream like a school girl.

  3. XCLRA8

    Get a kick ass make up artist like bill murray did and disguise myself as a zombie. That way I can walk the streets without fear of being eaten.

  4. Allan

    If RESIDENT EVIL has taught us something and we have to shoot as much in heads of damned brain eaters, with a Magnum

  5. Cool giveaway, wish you guys luck.

  6. Bader

    i hope i get picked ๐Ÿ˜€


    I’m going to nut up and shut up!

  8. Redd

    I live pretty close to a gun store and a Walmart. I’d hit the gun store first and stock up on everything. Not just certain things; I would empty that place. I would then hole up inside the Walmart where there would be plenty of food, sleeping arrangements, and entertainment to last me quite some time.


    Your wanting to know how I will survive the apocalypse? I will grab any weapon that I can possibly get my hands on. If I have to, I will just simply use my fists. And if those maggot sacks shall defeat me, i will become more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine and bring them down with me!!!

  10. I will survive by drinking beer and throwing flowers at the zombies. They will be confused by the kindness giving me a chance to run.

  11. Madagasca

    I aim to survive using my wifes hairdryer. The damn thing dries everything under the sun, hence I nicknamed it The Drymenator!

    BEWARE The Drymenator! It will blow you away!

    That’s my tag line. Like it???

  12. I kill mother effers with my bare hands.

  13. Trieloth: I will survive by drinking beer and throwing flowers at the zombies. They will be confused by the kindness giving me a chance to run.  

    lol, best line so far. Nice work Trieloth. Madagasca is close 2nd.

  14. i plan to survive by running in circles and throwing explosives everywhere

  15. I’ll survive by pretending to be a Zombie. Naturally, that also means I have to learn how to be a cannibal, but once my new Zombie peers notice me joining in on the feasting, they won’t think twice about there being an impostor among their ranks.

    I truly do hope human flesh tastes like chicken.

  16. I will survive by attacking and eating zombies. Zombies are always much slower and weaker than humans, and they will be so dumbfounded by seeing me eating zombies brains that they will surely run in terror.

    Either that, or go to my high school. Zombies sometimes have residual human memories, and who would want to go to a school?

  17. I think I would place my TV in my front window and start to play the whole series of Lost on Blu-Ray. I figure this will confuse the shit out of them enough that I can make my exit out the back and have at least a year head start until they’ve calmed down from the finale.

  18. Gojirax

    Hopefully this game will make up for the disappointing Walking Dead trailer they have on AMC.

  19. Nash

    A double barrel and the double tap.

  20. Delive

    In a liquor store. Either I’m going out too drunk to care or we ALL are getting drunk together, zombies and all.

  21. hobbes

    rule 1 Cardio
    rule 2 Beware of Bathrooms
    rule 3 SeatBelts
    rule 4 doubletap
    rule 5 no attachments
    rule 6 travel in a group
    … there are 26 more if need be.

  22. it’s very simple i will just let my brother play and i will laugh by his reactions muhaha:P

  23. Madagasca

    Can we enter more than once????

    There’s far more to fear than zombies!! Trust me guys – once u meet my wife, you will think zombies are like cuddly teddy bears!

    If wanna survive the zombie invasion, u need to recruit my wife.

    Wife going to the highest bidder? Any bids??? ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Madagasca


    Just spotted the one comment per person. Errrr…. Sorry???

    *begs* pleeeeeeease don’t disqualify me. Pweeeeease!!!

  25. Viktor

    err ill probably die ALOT but on a more serious note.. HIDE IN A PRISON best fortress is you think about it..and if shit hits the fan lock yourself in a cell and just shoot the waves ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. mcsnoop69

    l’ll head for the nearest shopping mall,n get some hardware supplies (sledgehammer n chainsaw ) then there mine , come get some you know u wanna….

  27. Im going to be outta town for two weeks.. that should alow me to escape it.. lol

    Good luck people!!

  28. @Madagasca your still in the random drawing, just makes it easier for me when there is just one comment per person.

  29. Derrickgott007

    I’ll survive with 3 letters and 2 words……

    BFG. and. GOD MODE.

  30. Rubberrabbit

    How i survive? Nรคhhh…..Read a Playboy on the Toilet, wash my hands, pick up my Shotgun and here we go. Just get shure you take many of them with you, before you do your last walk. But when they get me, the last words will be “Well its time to chew Bubblegum an kick Ass!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. frotacular

    Well, Chuck Norris is my neighbor.

    I think you get my point.

  32. LOL, thanks Tosh I impressed my self with that one.

  33. To survive, I’d probably make sure I had plenty of smokes and ammo. And booze. Then I’d hole up in my house with tripwires surrounding it.

  34. Eddie

    throw kittens at them.

  35. I would survive the zombie apocalypse by rounding up the best of the best. While everyone else is gathering supplies and/or being feasted upon during Hour 01, I would hop online, track down a few key addresses and be on my way. This team would include…

    1. Bruce Campbell
    2. George Romero
    3. Max Brooks
    4. Robert Kirkman
    5. The Mythbusters
    6. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (gotta keep the team happy, right?)

    Once this team is assembled we will disguise ourselves in order to blend into a small Amish community where we will begin preparations for the greatest zombie defense the world has ever known, and maybe raise a barn or two.

  36. I will survive by playing Dead Nation on my PS3… the zombies will never know. *roaring, banging on the door*

  37. I will run over to my grandmom and grab her chainsaw, go mad killing ’em all, put on ponchos and hide in the bushes.
    If they can smell me i’ll probably just run while holding my chainsaw going RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    Blood blood, run, survive. Simple rules, make them happen!

  38. I won’t be available to participate so ignore me but I had to ‘The Plan’

  39. ^ *had to post

  40. Gustavo Freire

    How I’ll survive?
    Well, you guys pick me as a winner and hopefully I’ll have enough time training via playing Deadnation ’till the zombie apocalypse starts (and I know that will starts the day after tomorrow).
    I mean, I’ve already had lots of training watching George Romero and reading The Zombie Survival Guide.
    All that I need left is this friquin’ game! And quick (alredy said that we’ll have zombies walking and eating and tearing people apart in 2 days)!
    If I don’t get picked and turn to a zombie because you guys… well, I’ll know who brains I’ll eat first

  41. I plan to grasp the infestation by the nutts and show them whos boss…In a Chuck norris and Jet li fashion.

  42. George

    Hey! I would really love to be in this BETA sooooo much! Please Let me!

    I would survive a zombie onslaught by hopefully picking up this BETA, I can’t otherwise!

    Thanks for considering me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. i would survive by eating baked beans(alot of them), and i would turn around to the zombies pull my lighter out and light there asses on fire and hope i don’t blow myself up in the process because it would lead to a suicide

  44. Good luck!

  45. Don’t worry everyone! you will all be safe and sound.

    after all Zombies are looking for brains ๐Ÿ˜›

  46. David

    I would stock up on GUNS GUNS GUNS and ammo and lots off power bars for energy to run my ass off if needed.

  47. Firstly i would go all “i am legend” fort Knox my house. Stockpile everything… mainly bourbon, petrol to run my generator for my ps3 and then id settle into my recliner and get into some cod modern warfare zombie killing to get ready. lol

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