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Sony Expecting Word-of-Mouth for Move’s Success

Sony has openly admitted that they don’t expect to have a huge day one success, and, instead, will more heavily rely on users’ word-of-mouth to spread support for the device. UK managing director, Ray Maguire, had this to say to Eurogamer:

Move is a natural extension in the same way as we brought EyeToy to PS2.

Exactly as with EyeToy in the PS2 days, it’s a product that needs to be sampled. You need to get your hands on it. You need to understand it. You need to try it.

Am I expecting a massive day one? Not particularly. We didn’t with EyeToy, either. It went on to be massively successful.

Of course, in Europe, they don’t have the Kevin Butler/Dear PlayStation campaign, which I am sure will be a big deal here in the states as far as marketing goes. The Move seems to be getting a bigger push than the EyeToy, and even the Eye, ever did, so they could prove to be far more successful than previous attempts.