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Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC Impressions

Mafia II was released August 24th on all platforms (except Wii) and owners of the PS3 version received an exclusive DLC pack titled, The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This time around you’re an older bald man named Jimmy (pictured below). Jimmy is a hardened veteran on the mob scene and the pacing matches his status. While the main game introduces the player to the city slowly, The Betrayal of Jimmy throws you right into the action and is surprisingly challenging right from the beginning.

The story begins with Jimmy (you) standing outside in an alley. You’re immediately attacked by a few gun wielding Asians. Here is where you’re introduced to the unique scoring system.

Unlike the main game, The Betrayal of Jimmy awards points for various things you do during a mission. Killing enemies and driving being your main ways to rack up points. When you finish a mission, your points are detailed and you receive a ranking.

Returning to the story…You fight your way to a car and drive to an upscale house. You finish your mission by approaching and selecting a floating icon in front of the house. Here you will experience one of the only two cinematic cut scenes in this DLC pack. The story is what made the main game so enjoyable so this is a definite flaw. From here you will embark on Jimmy’s story.

Basically, Jimmy is a hired gun. You do jobs for two bosses, Tom and Sal. Tom has a problem with the Asians (Tongs) and Sal is troubled by the Blacks (Bombers). You’re hired by Tom and Sal to do various tasks, usually involving a lot of shooting.

On the other hand, you are also employed by a car salesman to steal certain cars around Empire Bay. These missions are fairly easy and involve driving to a spot on the map, stealing the car and driving it to another spot on the map.

The missions are set up in a very open world fashion. There will be a few missions scattered around the city at any given time. You drive to those points on the map, walk to a floating icon and select. A screen pops up with a picture of the people involved and a paragraph of text. The text sets up the mission and gives you your objective. There are 25 missions in all, and completing them all will take only a few hours.

One thing I must bring up is the most enjoyable difference from the main game. The Betrayal of Jimmy gives you the ability to further customize vehicles and most excitingly…supercharge your cars. This packs a lot of power into any car and makes driving all the more enjoyable.

Overall, The Betrayal of Jimmy is a decent addition. The missions are fun and stay true to the core of Mafia II but the lack of cut scenes is a major let down. Also there is no trophy support which could be good or bad depending on the player. If you enjoyed the driving and shooting aspects of Mafia II, it’s safe to say you will enjoy this DLC pack.