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Win 500 points for the Facebook/ PlayStation Move Giveaway

Come up with a caption for one of the PlayStation Move images below. Please reply like this so we know what photo your referencing.

Photo 1: Your caption here
Photo 2: Your caption here

Please only 1 comment per person. You can come up with a caption for both images if you’d like. But you’ll only be entered into the contest once. After you have commented, donate 50 points to the lottery. This is how I will pick the winner.

Photo 1

Photo 2

To recap there are 2 steps for this contest:

1. Comment on this post with a caption for one of the photos above.
2. Donate 50 points to the lottery.

I’ll pick one at random September 5th, 2010 at 10 pm MT. The winner will get 500 points that they can use towards the PlayStation Move Giveaway. But you can use a maximum of 1000 points toward this PlayStation Move giveaway so keep earning those points! For full details on the big Move giveaway go here. Just a reminder will still need to get 1,000 fans on our Facebook page in order for the Giveaway to happen, we are currently at 634 fans.

Images courtesy of our member mairondil. Check out his impressions on the PlayStation Move here!

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