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Google TV on the PlayStation 3? Let’s Speculate

Speculation is abound for the PlayStation 3 to get Google TV sometime in the future. Google says:

Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet.

Here’s some of the facts we know:

  • Google’s partners in this Google TV venture are Sony, Logitech, Intel, and Dish Network.
  • PlayStation has a HDTV/DVR add on unit that can act as a TV tuner and a digital video recorder (utilizing the PS3 hard drive), called PlayTV in Europe and Australia and called the torne in Japan.
  • Apple has been all over the media with its Apple TV lately.
  • Google TV will be in the upcoming Sony Bravia TVs and in set-top boxes (among other places).

Here’s some rumors we think we know:

  • CVG learned new PS3 sku’s where in the works, a low end 250G model and a high end 500G model. The new models will also come with built in 802.11n WiFi for faster wireless internet connectivity.
  • Mashable learned “Google TV will eventually integrate with Sony Playstation.” though no source is cited.

Here’s where we can speculate:

  • Google didn’t have to partner with Sony. Other HDTV manufacturers have a larger install base. How many internet-ready Samsungs TVs and Blu-ray boxes are out there? Probably a bit more than Sony has. But who can say “With a firmware update, we can add 10, 20, 30 million internet connected, high capacity (if some uses easily upgrade their hard drives), high definition gaming consoles.” Think that may sway Google to partner up with Sony instead of another manufacturer?
  • Sony already has this little box called PlayTV/torne everywhere except North America. So except for everyone that lives within 3,000 miles of me, they literally need a simple firmware update and every single feature of Google TV is instantly available.
  • If Google TV comes to the PS3, I imagine we’ll get a better browser (spin off of Chrome?).

The only problem I see with a PS3 / Google TV merger is my cable company, will my set-top cable box be required to change channels? I could bypass the set-top box, but they recently announced all TVs will have to have some kind of mini-box. I’ll have to get that to see if I still change channels with the the TV or if I have to use this little mini-box thing. The current PlayTV model doesn’t support HDTV channels, so that’ll need to be fixed. I can’t foresee any other issues, and any form of Google TV on my console would be better than the nothing we have now.