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Sony to Introduce iTunes Competitor on PS3, PSP

Sony is going in head first it seems to compete against iTunes. Sony is set to announce its iTunes competitor that will launch as a subscription based service on the PS3 and PSP then later launch on other products.

Subscription based has my attention…I’d much rather pay $15-$20 a month then 99 cent a song or $1.99 a movie.

Here is to hoping it can be tied into the Playstation Plus membership!

Sony may be set to announce a major iTunes competitor tomorrow that will run on its videogame consoles, according to an online report.

An article by the Financial Times (warning: registration required) citing “sources in the media industry” says that the service, which covers both music and video and is subscription-based, will be unveiled at tomorrow’s IFA technology show in Berlin.

These same sources claim that Sony will use the PlayStation 3 and PSP consoles as a launch point for the new service, with other Sony devices including Bravia TVs, mobile phones, Vaio computers and Sony’s Ericsson mobile phones to follow.

According to the report, the service is not expected to be available until next year. 1UP will not be present at this year’s IFA show, but we’ll be monitoring the feeds closely and will update you on any announcements made.