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TerRover Release Date Announced

You know, I thought that since the game was just announced not that long ago it would have been a while before we would see the full game released. According to Scott Hyman the Vice President of Development for Creat Studios the game is coming out next Tuesday. The price point being $14.99.

I have to admit that I thought the demo was pretty cool, because I felt it was just a taste of something new. But now that I’ve watched the trailer, I think that the game looks even better. With 40 stages of puzzling arcade levels on five strange and different planets, each with its own physics and funky, eye-popping 2D art style the $14.99 seems like a small price to pay. It also has local multiplayer, which is competitive, but occasionally takes a cooperative turn, and forces you and your opponent to briefly work together.

If you’ve played the demo and noticed the many different expressions that the robot makes, here is Olga Solokova the produce to explain:

“We discussed it at the very beginning, based on our experience of making an inanimate character come to life on previous project, Digger HD. We thought it was cool, so we set out to push it further and make TerRover smile, gasp and frown, get angry or frustrated, to make him feel and express emotion. Early into production, TerRover was alive due to the amazing work of our art director, Anastasia Vasilieva. She’s a master of perfecting small and cute things, like she did on Mushroom Wars. We laughed a lot while working on TerRover, and I hope that we’ll make the players feel that and smile at TerRover’s funny faces, too.”