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Jailbreak Users Living in Fear?

Wow! What a couple of weeks it has been. The USB Jailbreak was announced, sold and SONY have clamped down on the sellers down under, and laws being brought in around the globe to prohibit them from distributing the hack that really works.

Reports were coming in from all angles stating that users accounts were being banned for using the hack that allowed them to play ‘backed up’ & illegally acquired games. As most would argue, you’d like to keep your original copy in tip top shape hence you’d prefer to ‘back it up’ and then just use that copy  to play your game. However, even though this could be a valid arguement, the whole system is being abused to play games which you do not own. Obviously – this isn’t right.

So, do you blame SONY from going all out to prevent those that wish to ‘abuse’ the system?

Now, to the point. The reports, as mentioned above were most likely fake reports. I’m sure SONY would’ve made some official announcement before such action was taken – unless I  missed it. This is to note that something probably is brewing in the SONY camp to clamp down on those that may have already acquired their jailbreak device, whether it be a firmware update, or simply scanning the networks and suspending accounts.

However, if you are one of those who has purchased this device and recieved it – just a note of warning – is it really worth getting yourself caught up in this mess just to play that one game you can’t yet afford, or cannot be bothered to buy? No matter how expensive a game is – you knew the console wasn’t the cheapest on the market AND you knew how much the games would cost, still you chose to purchase it. Just sit back and have a think about whether this is really what you want to do?

Do you really wish to live in fear that your console will get banned as and when SONY catch up with all of this?

Note: does not condone piracy of any kind!

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