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PlayStation Plus Additions 9/21

Here is a list of free stuff to come in the future both in North America and Europe. I have to say….Europe is definately getting the better deal here this month. I also do not have a list of what NA will get next month but Europe’s is up.

Still…this is a great time to be a Playstation Plus member!

***FYI on an upcoming beta*** (I believe NA Only)

“A select number of PlayStation Plus subscribers will be returning to Mars for some vehicular combat in the Red Faction Battlegrounds beta. Select users will be notified via an XMB message and email”

[tab:North America]

Free Game – Zen Pinball
PSOne – Syphon Filter 3
Demo – Sword & Soldiers
Mini – Echoes
Theme – Shades of Autumn
Avatar – LBP Hugo and LBP Marvin
Discounts – Cuboid, Savage Moon, LBP: Monster Costume Pack 50% Off
Other – Discounts on 2 PSOne imports: Cho Aniki and Gaiaseed, Free High Velocity Bowling Move compatibility add-on


Free Game – Sam and Max: Devil’s Playground (entire season)
PSOne – Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Demo – 60 Minute Full Game Warhawk, Inferno Pool
Mini – Echoes, Vector TD
Theme – PS Move, Fish Tank
Avatar – EyePet Blue Goalie and DJ
Discounts – Warhawk 50% Off, LBP Ico & Shadow of Colossus costume pack 50% Off
DLC – Exclusive UFC Undisputed 2010 DLC
Other – 1 Year Sign up bonus = Free Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty

[tab:October for Europe]

More free stuff to come in October for Europe.

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
Aero Racer mini
Yeti Sports mini
Syphon Filter PSOne
Gravity Crash Trial Demo (also 50% Off)
Hustle Kings Trial Demo (also 50% Off)
Burn Zombie Burn Discounted
Halloween theme
Second Move theme
Two free PAIN avatars