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Get Fit with Mel B, Exclusively for the Playstation Move

So who’s ready to kick it with the former Spice Girl and get a work out in? Deep Silver, announced that they are going to be publishing the game in North America. The game is geared towards the PlayStation only due to its compatibility with the technology of the PlayStation Move and promises to get your buns in shape for the summer.

So how’s this work you ask? Well based on your goals and preferences, Mel B will design a fitness program designed just for you, giving you maximum results in the areas your mostly interested in. Mel B will guide you through over 100 exercises, Aerobics, Fitness, and Cardio. Oh and just when you think your done, Mel B is going to get you eating healthy. That’s right she combines the workout with a nutritious meal to help you achieve your goals. This seems like a pretty cool idea to get on top of things, save money by not going to the gym, get a personal trainer that helps you work out and eat healthy? Seems like a win to me. Seems like Rob Dyer, Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment of America is pretty excited about this himself.

We’re thrilled that Get Fit with Mel B is launching exclusively alongside PlayStation Move as the very first fitness title for the platform.” “PlayStation Move is more than just an innovative games platform; it allows people to experience interactivity at a new level across a whole range of activities. Fitness is just one arena where PlayStation Move excels and Get Fit with Mel B pushes the boundaries of what a home fitness program can help people achieve.

The game is set to release on the 28th of September of this year. The price that we are looking at is $49.99 which is pretty nice, a nice change from the extra $10.