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Welcome Bastion

Here’s an interesting looking game that I came across. It’s called Bastion and it’s from a new Studio called Supergiant Games. It’s being led by ex-designers that worked on the hit Command & Conquer franchise. The team just announced the game but it looks like they are well along their way. It seems that as of late, all these Indie Developers are taking the gaming world by storm. This particular studio is run by four guys and 1 gal out of a house, I guess that’s better than a garage but still, just look at the game they have created thus far. A rich creative environment, that is sure to set itself apart from the rest.

According to the developers the goal of the game is to piece back together a shattered world due to a cataclysmic event from a series of floating islands. As you explore the world in search of survivors and supplies, you’ll cross paths with badies forcing you create customizable weapons and gain new powers from specially-brewed spirits… all this brewed spirits talk is making me kind of thirsty. So anyways, as you venture through the world which is dynamically narrated, more of the backstory will be revealed to you upon your actions in real time.

Here’s a little right from the horses mouth and I don’t mean Mr. Ed:

Our goal with Bastion is to hit players’ emotional chords in unexpected ways, in addition to delivering highly responsive gameplay that rewards finesse and experimentation,” said game industry veteran Greg Kasavin, Supergiant Games’ Creative Director. “We’re pushing to make it so that players become absorbed in the game’s distinctive setting and narrative tone from the first moments.

Release date is currently sometime in 2011.