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Move Support for Heavy Rain is Coming Sep. 22nd

The official PlayStation Blog has announced that on Sep. 22nd, Heavy Rain will be patched to utilize the new PlayStation Move controller. The PlayStation Move navigation controller (or a DualShock 3) and the PlayStation Eye (as with all Move games), will also be required to play. The DualShock 3 would have to be held in one hand and the Move in the other, which seems a little cumbersome to me, so I’d reccomend the Move navigation controller. There will also be a Heavy Rain “Move” demo available in the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, Sep. 28th. It will feature two levels “from the game, Sleazy Place and Crime Scene.”

“Heavy Rain has been given a PlayStation Move makeover so expect to be drawn into the action more than ever. Now, your every move will make a difference!”

Didn’t my every “move” make a difference before? 😎 Anyway, I’ve been meaning to go back and get all the trophies, and this will give me another reason to do that. I hope it’s as good as it could be!