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Sports Champions Gladiator Duel Split Screen Game Play

I’ve posted several videos on YouTube over the last few weeks showing some of the game play for PlayStation’s new Move controller. With my last one, I compared Sports Champions Table Tennis verses Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis in a split screen video. When I picked up Sports Champions the other day, I was blown away with the Gladiator Duel that was in it. I said to my friend “This is the game that every Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter / Tekken type button mashing fighting game wants to be when it grows up.” To which he whole heartedly agreed. Showing normal game play footage doesn’t express the the full experience of this game. So I decided a new approach to put together a game play video. Using both cameras I have, I set one on the TV and one on myself and recorded a quick game.

The only thing I can find that’s missing is an online mode. If Zindagi could add that, this game would be on everyone who owns a PlayStation’s wishlist, and even those that don’t own a PlayStation.