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Playstation Move: First Thoughts Move Controller VS Wiimote

Well, I went and purchased my Move bundle + extra controller. While I am stuck here at work i have been playing with the controller ever since I opened it. The controller has a GREAT feel and the weight is almost too perfect. the buttons are all very well placed and the Orb on the top seems like it will eliminate the need for any protective jackets. The rounded shape fits very well in the hands.

One thing that I like compared to the Wiimote is there are no buttons under your palm, and all the buttons are very familiar. The start and select buttons are within easy reach, as compared to a + – or House icon button. The white orb on top seems to take the place of the Tumor that you slip on to the wiimote.  The T-button (trigger) is smooth, and comfortable. Overall the controller seems to be a HUGE improvement over the wiimote.

Move Controller




No speaker



Can be used sideways for intuitive racing games
Speaker built in


Not rechargeable
Looks hideous when inside “jacket”

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