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God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP Preview

Kratos is back on the PSP for another mythical adventure allowing you to rip off heads and impale you enemies whilst on the bus on the way to work. Once again the PSP GOW title is developed by Ready at Dawn who were responsible for the excellent Chains of Olympus. Looking bigger and better than Chains, Ghost of Sparta is hoping to keep the PSP market alive with more epic action.

The section I played featured outside of Atlantis starting on ship at sea before ending up on the outskirts of Atlantis. Fighting though the usual enemy types along with some spider like creatures which are spawned by the big Scylla who features throughout making a nuisance of themselves serving as a boss fight half way through. The preview broadly covered many aspects including combat, typical platforming sections and mini games. These have been influenced by GOW3 and now show the buttons on the side of the screen correlating to their position on the console so O is on the right and X along the bottom etc.. making them more intuitive. The combat arena also makes an appearance for the first time on PSP which will add to the longevity.

The controls work in the same way as the PS3 version with the big differences being having to hold L1 + L2 to roll as there is no second stick. Magic is activated via the d-pad with you holding down right to shoot lightning making aiming a tricky and switching weapons uses down on the d-pad. A new weapon Arms of Sparta (spear and shield) felt over powered, not least because you could move whilst blocking for the 1st time in the series while it’s attacks proved very powerful. The is also a new charge move with L1 + O which pins an enemy to the ground where Kratos proceeds to beat their face in, one problem with this is it leaves you exposed, as the camera zooms in making it hard to see if someone is sneaking up on you.

Ghost of Sparta sports some graphical enhancements including a sexy depth of field affect which enhances the visuals considerably adding a film like quality not really seen on the PSP before. It runs at 60FPS too but there has been a slight sacrifice with the appearance of screen tear but this is only is apparent during cut scenes using the in game engine. It’s not an issue in the slightest as the controls are responsive as ever with no frame rate issues during gameply. On this evidence Ghost of Sparta is looking very promising and should continue the GOW series fine run on this evidence.

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