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46 Comments PlayStation Move Giveaway! PlayStation Move Giveaway!

We have finally arrived at 1,000+ fans on our Facebook page! So let the PlayStation Move Giveaway begin! My offer still stands on throwing in another PlayStation Move Controller to the giveaway if we hit 1,500 fans before the giveaway ends.

Prizes and details on how to enter after the jump!

[tab:Prizes and Info]

Here are the available prizes

1st Place Winner – PlayStation Move Bundle
2nd Place Winner – PlayStation Move Controller
3rd Place Winner – PlayStation Move Sub Controller or PlayStation Eye*
4th Place Winner – T-Shirt**
5th Place Winner – $20 PlayStation Network Card
6th Place Winner – Points Refunded + 500 points

In the case that our first place winner already owns the bundle, he or she can opt to trade with another winner, starting with 2nd place and working your way down, but both parties must agree to the trade. The winner cannot skip over other winners in the trade.

You also have up to the time of the drawing to enter the contest via the rules outlined, so no worries if the contest already started and you were too late.

Just a reminder there are 4 steps required to qualify for this giveaway:

  1. Be a fan of our Facebook Page
  2. Be a member of You can register here.
  3. Leave a reply here on Facebook with your username.
  4. Have at least 250 points in your Account. Here are all the ways to earn points. You get 115 points alone for just joining!

The reason you need to build up your points? We are using the ‘Lottery’ method for this giveaway. This means that you must use the points to buy lottery tickets. Lottery tickets will cost 250 points each, and you can ‘buy’ up to 4 of them. In other words, for this contest, depending on how many entries you want to do, you will need between 250 and 1,000 points. And yes, the points you use for the giveaway will be deducted from your total, so keep that in mind.

Here is how you donate points to the lottery. Please donate only 250 points at a time!

For a list of current eligible members who can enter the contest/lottery, click here. If you have donated points but weren’t on the eligibility list, you have until the giveaway ends to follow the proper procedure as laid out by the rules here. The giveaway is open to anyone that lives on planet earth and can receive mail.

I will pick the winners*** randomly on September 30th at 10:00 pm MT (mountain time).

If you have a Twitter account please retweet this message and help spread the word!

* 3rd place prize is an either/or by choice of the prize winner.
** Shirt sizes go up to 6XL
*** A member can only win once.
[tab:Entries So Far]
Here are the folks who have entered the lottery (will update periodically). Green means entries are maxed out, yellow means they need one more to max, orange means they need 2, and, of course, red means they still have three they can submit:

thepreppymonk ●●●●
jmos24 ●●●●
mrmairondil ●●●●
derrickgott007 ●●●●
premiersoupir ●●●●
ehandlr ●●●●
kennygk ●●●●
richardeaves ●●●●
Luke ●●●●
UbeRamza ●●●●
stealth0710 ●●●●
silenceisgolden ●●●●
jjliang ●●●●
js999 ●●●●
sovarn ●●●●
Legion213 ●●●●
mulligank ●●●●
EdEN ●●●●
jeliminy ●●●●
emrah ●●●●
oly1Kenobi ●●●●
drask ●●●●
shamun ●●●●
FouZ ●●●●
Ceidz ●●●●
dzounar ●●●●
acezakj ●●●●
chiangc ●●●●
Ravenitrius ●●●●

mez ●●●
sarobi ●●●
Donovanf ●●●
luckner89 ●●●
whitesharingan ●●●
texasride ●●●
skintrade ●●●
firstdelerium ●●●
yaminoshyuen ●●●
jcmoorehead ●●●
beaudin ●●●
jedishawn ●●●

JRogan ●●
leduc89 ●●
cardoso ●●
narmonteto ●●
codyzanthraxx ●●
laskid ●●
darthicarus ●●
ratchetco ●●
anarchymarie ●●
FrenchK ●●
Gibb ●●
pspkr3w ●●
jacobfett ●●
ferginator88 ●●
bilzac ●●
televisedgod ●●
fahnunu ●●

shadowcrazy ●
baggie1993 ●
hopeiwin ●
rennis ●
jcole7 ●
mm6947 ●
born2late ●
boostedpgt ●
kinganad ●
raphaelmatheus ●
Grondin ●
skavois87 ●
flashray ●
roym13 ●
skott ●
kenshin ●
sirsquirrelly ●
yeahyuh ●
carrington618 ●
Seddon 235 ●
quentinsarff ●
ballagh ●

killburn37 ●

Member names in black means the member has not met eligibility at current time

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