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Blade Kitten Launches Tonight on PSN!

Blade Kitten finally launches tonight on PSN! This highly anticipated game look stunning and promises to play the same. No word on if there is a demo, but it was hinted at in the official PS3blog, “The game is just about to finally hit the PlayStation Network and you’ll be able to try it out, buy it and enjoy it. Pretty cool, huh?”
Steve Stamatiadis, Creative Director at Krome Studios had this to say about the games delay:

We said originally that the game would be out spring this year and technically is still is since it’s just turned spring here in Australia, and it’s already been a beautiful start to the season. See, we kept our word… sort of. Why did it take so long? Well we had the awesome good fortune of Atari… yes THAT Atari, picking up Blade Kitten. Not only has that allowed us to make the game even better, but being published by Atari has a very special significance for me personally. See back when I was about 13, I got my first computer: an Atari 400 (with all of 16K of memory, that’s less than the average icon or avatar image). So as you can imagine having the Atari logo at the start of the game just makes it all that much more cooler to me. So a BIG thanks to Atari for coming on board.

It should be available tonight for $14.99.