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Sony Loves the Kinect Comparison

Fanboys may be overly passionate in expressing disdain for the competitor, but not Sony. According to PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida, being continually compared to Microsoft’s Kinect has got him feeling “lucky”.

“[Ever] since we announced Move at E3 last year, I’ve always felt like we were lucky that Microsoft made such a big deal with Project Natal. In a broader sense, we are categorized as ‘motion gaming’- if we were just doing Move, we wouldn’t have had as much coverage and attention from media and consumers.”

he furthered, “Because you have Kinect versus move, or Natal versus Motion Controller… I’ve always felt that that helps to convey our message in terms of what’s unique about Move. In our mind, from the beginning, we clearly understood the difference between what Microsoft is trying to do and what we have been doing. I feel like it’s a great thing, to have the Kinect versus Move versus Wii comparison.”

Via [GamesIndustry]

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