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New Move Bundle Announced

Oh, look at the kitty!Up until now, the only options for those that don’t own the PS3 Eye and wanted to get into Move was to either buy them separately (which costs $80 plus tax) or in the Sports Champions Bundle ($99 plus tax and thus a better value), but Sony has announced at PlaystationBlog that, starting this Friday (September 24th for those keeping score), we will see the release of this new bundle.

This new bundle will be exclusively available from Toys R’ Us and will only be released in the US and Canada. As can be seen from above, it will include a PS3 Eye, a Move controller and a copy of Eyepet, all for $99. There is no mention of a demo disc as is the case with the Sports Champions Bundle, but that’s not such a bad thing since you can get all the demos from PSN, but it WILL make a difference for those families that own a PS3 but don’t use PSN (of which, there are many).

As you can see, Eyepet is Sony’s way of getting parents to buy the game for their kids and, thus, have at least one Move unit in a house which could open the door for more of the Move releases finding their way into their collections. A quick way to describe Eyepet would be if Nintendogs allowed you to be in the screen with your pet. The camera is used in a very smart way that allows real life objects to be introduced into the game to interact with your small ball of fur and the AI seems to be solid.

Oly (hearts) this game and will surely help paint a better picture for those interested in this release.