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Red Dead Redemption Zombie Undead Nightmare Pack Info

RDR’s Undead Nightmare Pack will bring “new weapons, new animations, and new enemy models and AI (zombie animals!)” IGN had an interview with Rockstar San Diego Studio Manager Steve Martin about RDR and the upcoming single player Undead Nightmare DLC. This is what he had to say:

“The major piece of single player content, the Undead Nightmare pack, will amaze fans of the single player game when they see it. The single most fan requested game idea in the history of Rockstar –an open world zombie game – brought to life for ten bucks.

Everyone here is very excited about this one! This is a classic example of how coming up with a great theme and exploring it fully makes you look at the world in new ways. There is going to be a full-blown narrative built in to the original game that tells the story of how the infestation came about and its effect on society and the landscape. There are a lot of cool new features planned. We’re adding new weapons, new animations, new enemy models and AI (zombie animals!), just to name a few. You may even run into some old friends!

Rockstar has toyed with Zombies before with GTA IV’s Kill a Rockstar viral achievement, but we’re pulling out all the stops for this to make it feel like a proper zombie experience, within the familiar world of Red Dead Redemption. We’re having a lot of fun making it, it’s full of surprises and it’s shaping up to be amazing to play. ”

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