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The Weekly Recap (September 12th-18th)

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Yeah, another late one, but damn was there a lot. A lot of trailers. Be sure to check out all the videos in case you missed something that might interest you. Personally, the Gran Turismo 5 and Castlevania trailers were probably my favorite.

Anyway, besides trailers, we now know for sure that an Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection will be released next spring, with some updated textures and high definition resolution. The games still have the same look, but are a lot crisper (so don’t expect nicely contrasted colors or anything, but the games are still amazing in their own right).

There were a few Kevin Butler videos posted, including an EyePet commercial and an interview with X Play’s Adam Sessler. With the Move released, there were a few new videos for that, as well as announcements like the aforementioned Ico collection possibly getting Move support, Heavy Rain being patched this week, and Ben Feder calling it the Wii HD :P.

As for stuff from us? Sinlock reviewed Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, killburn37 gave us his first thoughts on the Move, Henning/Blackstaffer wrote about cross game chat again, and Darrin showed us his highlights for TGS. There’s quite a bit, so I would definitely suggest looking through this recap!

[tab:Community News]

To start off, we updated the Calendar page. It all started with Darrin’s UK and Canada release calendars, which were then added to the main calendar, with the changes described here.

And since Tokyo Game Show took place last weekend, Tosh had double points for posting articles until at least Monday, which if you missed out, could have made it a lot easier to get points for the giveaway ;).

For the active chatters, Tosh has also added + and – buttons to expand the chat box, which is helpful for reading my random banter and Oly’s jokes.

Alright, as of this posting, this is the last week for the Move giveaway! For a small video of the prizes, you can see that here. We’re already at about 150 entries last time I checked. Be sure to check the Move Giveaway banner on the sidebar for past posts in case you missed anything, but still want to enter.

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[tab:Gaming News]

Zombies Invade Yakuza
Sakinah – September 14th

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Versions Confirmed
Sakinah – September 14th

Ni-Oh (Oni) Still in Development? Action Done by Team Ninja?
Eddie – September 15th

Sonic Adventure Coming to PSN
Trev – September 15th

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Trailer and Release Info
Oly – September 16th

New GT5 TGS Trailer and Info
Jay – September 16th

Gran Turismo 5 Weather Trailer and Community Features
Jay – September 16th

TGS 2010 Highlights
Darrin – September 16th

Playstation 3 Trophies
Trev – September 16th

Cross Game Voice Chat – Why the Delay?
Blackstaffer – September 17th

Playstation Move: First Thoughts Move Controller VS Wiimote
killburn37 – September 17th

Take Two’s CEO, Ben Feder…”The PS3 with Move, in my view, is the Wii HD system.”
Eddie – September 15th

Move Support for Heavy Rain is Coming Sep. 22nd
Oly – September 13th

Ninja Gaiden 3 Confirmed to be in Development
Oly – September 16th

Disgaea 4! Now With High Res Sprites!
Eddie – September 17th

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announced
Eddie – September 18th

Review: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
Sinlock – September 14th

New Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Trailer
Oly – September 13th

F1 2010 Night Race Trailer
Trev – September 14th

Sports Champions: Archery Video
Luke – September 14th

EA’s “Shadows of the DAMNED” Debut Trailer
Eddie – September 15th

Sports Champions Gladiator Duel Split Screen Game Play
mairondil – September 15th

Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry Reboot Trailer
Jay – September 15th

KB Advertises the EyePet
Jay – September 15th

The Last Guardian Trailer Revealed Today at the TGS
Oly – September 16th

Marvel vs Capcom 3 New Characters, New Trailer, and Game Play Videos
Oly – September 16th

Ni no Kuni TGS Trailer
Eddie – September 16th

Vanquish TGS Trailer
Trev – September 16th

MGS Rising TGS Tech Demo
Trev – September 16th

FIFA 11 “New Skills” Tutorial
Trev – September 16th

BFBC2: Vietnam Trailer Courtesy of TGS
Luke – September 16th

Sports Champions: Gladiator Duel
Luke – September 16th

Sports Champions: Disc Golf
Luke – September 16th

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Footage Leak
Eddie – September 17th

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Hideo Kojima Special Edition Preview
Eddie – September 17th

Project Dark TGS 2010 Trailer
Sakinah – September 18th

Early X-mas Present?
Luke – September 12th

Supermarket Giant Starts Move Price War
Madagasca – September 16th

PS3 Move Controller Commercial From Norway
Oly – September 14th

Dead Space Rig Backpack Available for Pre-order at the New Visceral Game Store
Oly – September 14th

Playstation Move kills Mii
Tosh – September 16th

Episode #4 of Sordohan’s Journey (from Two Worlds II)
Oly – September 16th

Sony’s VP of Holistic Move Integration
Tosh – September 16th

Studies Show Gamers Have Faster And More Accurate Reaction Times
Ferginator88 -September 16th


Move Sold Out In Germany
Sakinah – September 12th

Deal of the Day – Final Fantasy XIII for $19.99
Eddie – September 12th

COD Black Ops, No Coop, no sign of Spec Ops
Eddie – September 13th

No Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta Today
Oly – September 13th

Mega Man 9 and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X are 50% off
Oly – September 14th

Sony Patents PS2 Backwards Compatibility Adapter for PS3
Eddie – September 15th

Sonic Adventure on PSN Delayed Until 9/22
Eddie – September 15th

Former Guerrilla Games Co-Founders Form New Studio
Eddie – September 15th

Metallica Ready for GH: Warriors of Rock
EdEN – September 15th

Sony Live Streaming Their Tokyo Game Show Presentation
Sakinah – September 15th

Demon’s Souls Gets ‘Greatest Hits’ Treatment
Jay – September 15th

EA “No Significant Backlash to Online Passes”
Eddie – September 16th

Capcom To Purchase Blue Castle Games and Form Capcom Vancouver
Oly – September 16th

Dead Space Extraction Gets Trophies and Move Support
Jay – September 16th

Zipper Details MAG 2.0 Patch
Eddie – September 17th

Sony to Add 3D Blu-ray Playback on 9/21 Firmware Version 3.5
Eddie – September 17th

Trophies Confirmed For Ico/SotC, Move and 3D Under Consideration
Sakinah – September 18th

Wii Motion Plus and Playstation Move compared at IGN
EdEN – September 18th

[tab:Play With Us]

Some folks are interested in doing another Red Dead Redemption game night. If anyone is interested, let us know! Preferably, for me at least, I’d hope you guys have, at least, the Liars and Cheats pack.

[tab:Thank You]

Thanks for reading guys. Sorry about being so late with this one. I had a lot going on again. Trust me, I really wanted to work on this Saturday night, but unforeseen circumstances hindered my progress.