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MadCatz: Most of Our Peripherals Still Work on PS3 FW 3.50

With the recently released firmware update 3.50, Sony locked out a number of third-party peripherals from working on the PS3.Peripheral manufacturer MadCatz, however, has assured gamers that while some of their products no longer work the majority of them are unaffected.

Here’s the official statement from MadCatz:

With the exception of a small quantity of controllers sold before 2008, we believe that all Mad Catz products will continue to function as they did prior to the 3.50 Firmware update including high profile products such as our range of Street Fighter IVFightSticks and Wireless FightPads; our range of controllers and accessories for Call of Duty; our Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless FlightStick; our wired and wireless control pads; and our range of Rock Band accessories.

The 2008 wireless PS3 GamePad, the 2008 wired PS3 GamePad and the PS3 wireless MicroCon no longer work. If you’re in need of a replacement device you can contact MadCatz’s customer service department.