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Rumor: Tom Clancy Boxset and Rayman Trilogy HD/3D Remakes Also On the Way

JeuxVideo is reporting yet another collection of PS2 games that are supposed to be coming to the PS3 in 3D and/or HD. This time around is a Tom Clancy Boxset and a Rayman Trilogy.

It seems Sony is really picking up speed with these collections and there seems to be a nice market for the games as well. Are we accepting these only because BC has been removed and this is our only option or are we really glad to see classics remade with trophies in HD? I’m not particularly sure myself, but I am pretty eager to see the Team Ico Collection come out as I missed it on the PS2.

Titles Release/Anncounced/Rumored so far
Splinter Cell Collection
Team Ico Collection
Prince of Persia Collection
Rayman Collection
Sly Cooper Collection
Mortal Kombat Collection
Tom Clancy Collection
God of War Collection

It looks like the standard pricing for these will be $30-$40 when they do get released.

What collections would you like to see made?

*not all images are official box arts*