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F1 2010 Broken

It all seemed to be going so well and then bam like an engine blow out, a puncture or Mark Webber up the inside your race is ruined. After a hugely successful launch for F1 2010 (outselling both Halo Reach and Dead Rising 2 combined) It’s now spun off on the last corner before taking the chequered flag. Many players are experiencing severe game breaking issues, the worst being game saves, which are becoming corrupt…

Codemasters have said;

We believe this only occurs if, after completing an R&D objective, you…
– Retire to the paddock via the Engineer (in the garage).
– Terminally damage your car and select retire to paddock.
– Get disqualified and select retire to paddock.

And provided a work around until it is fixed;

After a practice session where you complete an R&D objective and unlock a new upgrade make sure you then load in to the following qualifying session before exiting the game.

So at least you can load up your save files, shame then that there are many bugs wrecking your racing experience here’s a full list & video of all major bugs and glitches that have been found so far from Codemasters Forum after the jump ;


-AI drivers not pitting at all in a race, or too many times.

-Times that are predetermined by cpu in qualy dont relate to actual race pace set by ai in race.

-Fuel Sim ON, and Fuel Sim OFF: the players’ car performance is noticeably affected,
but AI cars aren’t?

-AI ghosting cars when entering pits also they slow down far too much before pitlane.

-Users reporting Corrupt Save Data (R&D causing this maybe)

-Freezing and locking up often

-Cars not being serviced in the pits and just sitting there, causing user to reset race if teammate is stuck

-driving assists abs staying active in sessions, unless proceed straight to hotlap or sector (when turned off)

-Pitstop exiting hesitation (see targa thread for temporary solution)

-Race results not portraying actual results

-AI blue flag issue, they get disqualified

-AI cars drive, dry times in the wet, on slick tyres when I can’t even turn if I go over 100mph!

– too much grip in the rain on slicks

-Pit limiter auto on regardless of setting. Whole Pit lane routine doesnt work properly.

-Damage not affecting AI

-Flashbacks ruining laptimes

-gaining places when no cars actually overtaken

-Slight lag on controls of car (mainly PC)

-excessive punctures & punctures being replaced with punctured tyres on same compound.

Not Priority=

-Team mates showing incorrect on contract

-Driving line disappears often

-Wet Replay AI spray not visible

-Sound delay on shifting

-Split timing would be Usefull on screen.

-Sector 3 times don’t stay up, you can’t ever see your sector 3

-Tyre availability bug in practice sessions, e.g., no Primes available in P2 image

-live timer doesn’t show personal best sector times

-third soft/hard tyre set not available in qualifying

-penalties given to player when ai hit you and also far too sensitive in certain forced situations

-IN/OUT laps not counted in lap count for sessions

-Odd objectives set by team (finished 22 then target was 12 in virgin?!)

-Occasional sound issue with rain sound on dry tracks/conditions.

-during a session the autosave symbol will continually spin.

-Horrendous frameskips on certain track corners (monaco)

As you can see there are many issues affecting the game, I myself have experienced strange activity in a race being held in the pits to let 10 cars pass me along which was quite frustrating. More worrying though is the A.I. cars performance not relating to their track times check out this video;

There are many different theories as to why this is happening being banded about the forums but one thing is for sure, it’s not right. In regards to a patch Codemasters have confirmed they are working on one and that the “The development team is currently investigating, going through feedback, and looking at reported issues.”