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Racquet Sports hands on review

With PlayStation Move being so new to the market, there aren’t a ton of games available yet, especially third party games. One of Ubisoft’s first entries into PlayStation’s motion control technology is a port of their Wii game Racquet Sports. I never played the Wii iteration of Racquet Sports, so I’m not able to compare the game between platforms. From the screenshots and box art for the Wii version, it looks like the graphics have been improved and some of the ‘cutesy’ elements have grown up for the PlayStation version.


Standing on it’s own, Racquet Sports honestly feels like a standard Wii motion game. Comparing the motion control and game play to a game like Sports Champions and you can see, within 15 seconds, that Racquet Sports was not developed as a Move specific game. This is a ‘flick’ game. Advancing through the career mode, you do find you have more control by flicking to the right or to the left. Where you actually hit the object depends more on timing than the angel you hold your controller. I wasn’t able to give the object any sort of spin, it was merely timing when your opponent was on the opposite side of the court. Lag was certainly noticeable when compared to games like Sports Champions or even Wii Sports.


Racquet Sports doesn’t look that bad. There was never a ‘whoa’ moment. But then again, it’s tennis type games, there’s only so much you can do to visually improve that. The characters look like the characters from the Wii version grew up just a little.

Replay value

I don’t see much replay value in Racquet Sports, not with other games out there. True, there aren’t any tennis games available with the exception of table tennis in Sports Champions, but I’d still only rate this as a RENT, if that.


Once a Move specific tennis game that utilizes PlayStation Move’s 1 to 1 tracking, this game will limp off into obscurity. Though not quite shovel-ware, it’s darn close.