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Tales From Space: About a Blob PS3 Exclusive

Earlier today Chris Harvey the CTO & Designer from DrinkBox Studios dropped by the Official PS3 Blog and laid out some more information about their upcoming exclusive for the PS3. The game is looks pretty interesting, you take on the role of a Blob from space. While on Earth you escape your evil experimenter and eat everything in sight… actually everything that is smaller than you which in turn makes you grow, allowing you to eat bigger and bigger things. It’s a vicious cycle, I know.

The idea of the Blob came sometime in 2008, when 3 founders pooled their money together into a bank account and hoped for the best. This kind of reminds me of the time when my wife and I pooled our money into 1 bank account, only for it to turn into her bank account. Anyways from the looks of it the game is shaping up great. With the team still flying high from their PAX experience, where they received a lot of positive feedback the team hopes that their very first game is going to be a hit out of the park… then again what team wouldn’t. Although the team will release more info as they get closer to launch, two things that are certain about the game is that it will include co-op and a DLC pack following the game shortly after its release.