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The Weekly Recap (September 19th-25th)

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Activity slowed down a bit last week (as in the actual last week, since I was a week late on posting this), except the QuickNews section, where Oly and EdEN were in a post war with a bunch of unnecessary articles :P. Who was the victor? They got the same number, so I guess it depends on how you look at it. Anyway, enough of that.

Some of last week’s highlights include the PS Store getting updated on a Monday, end everyone complained because it was very late in the day when it finally did come up because no one is ever completely satisfied. People are having issues with some 2008-model MadCatz controllers (and a number of fake controllers) since the new firmware update.

JCMoorehead talked about Play, Create, Share and how it might influence future gaming. And on that subject, LBP2 has been confirmed to be delayed, as rumors began spreading. Toys R Us has an EyePet Move bundle available (it’s exclusive to them, though). Trev and killburn37 gave us their thoughts on Ghost of Sparta and Sports Champions respectively.

Be sure to check out some of the trailers as well (there’s always a handful of those anyway). Oly posted a bunch of LBP2 beta videos, and they’re definitely worth watching. Trev has also posted an article of a tear-down of the Move controller, so if you’re curious about that, check that out, too.

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Alright, so there are a couple new things on the site. For starters, there is a new forum for the PlayStation Move, so all talk of the controller should be in there.

Tosh has also added a timezone feature to your profiles. If you haven’t done so already, there’s a bunch of stuff you can put in there, but most of it’s optional.

Winners for the Move giveaway were announced the other day, and that was about the only contest we had running. I will show the winners list on this week’s recap, though. Hopefully everyone will enjoy their prizes!

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[tab:Gaming News]

Sony Files Motion to have “Other OS” Case Dismissed
Eddie – September 19th

PSN Store Update Tonight Due to Maintenance
Sakinah – September 20th

PSP2 in the Hands of Developers, To Target Younger Audiences?
Sakinah – September 20th

COD: Black Ops / Gamestop Viral Site Goes Live
Oly – September 20th

UK’s OPM Reveals More About Batman Arkham City
Eddie – September 22nd

Sony Begins Barring Counterfeit/Unlicensed Controllers
Jay – September 24th

Play, Create, Share – The future of gaming?
JCMoorehead – September 21st

The Perils of Clamshell Packaging
Trev – September 24th

Fallout: New Vegas Dev Diary
Oly – September 20th

Sony Loves the Kinect Comparison
Ace – September 20th

Sony Responds to Little Big Planet 2 Delay Rumors
Sakinah – September 22nd

Confirmed: Little Big Planet 2 Delayed Until 2011
Sakinah – September 23rd

New Move Bundle Announced
EdEN – September 22nd

PS+ Is About to Be Bombarded with Goodies
Oly – September 22nd

New Red Dead Multiplayer Mode
Gibb – September 19th

God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP Preview
Trev – September 19th

Playstation Move: Sports Champions Impressions
killburn37 – September 20th

F1 2010 Launch Trailer
Trev – September 21st

BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video
Trev – September 21st

LBP 2 Beta Community is Live and Look at What They Have Made!!
Oly – September 21st

More LBP2 Beta Goodness
Oly – September 23rd

LittleBigPlanet 2 Effects
Darrin – September 24th

Explodemon! Debut Trailer
Jay – September 24th

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 – Casino Street Zone
Oly – September 24th

Rockband Tracks 50% off on the PSN!!
Oly – September 20th

Get Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue Tonight, Free DLC Commands You!
EdEN – September 20th

Let’s take a look inside the Move
Trev – September 20th

PlayStation: The Official Magazine has Undegone a Complete Redesign
Oly – September 21st

Move Controller Spotted at Singapore GP
Trev – September 24th


Talk like a Pirate. Play like a Pirate
EdEN – September 19th

Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday Hands On
EdEN – September 19th

Borderlands Level Caps Will Be Increasing in a Patch
Oly – September 20th

Marvel vs Capcom Event in Chicago this Wed.
Oly – September 20th

Ubisoft Massive is Hiring for a First Person Shooter Online Game
Oly – September 20th

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Demo to PS+ Users Tonight
Oly – September 20th

Blade Kitten Launches Tonight on PSN!
Oly – September 20th

Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference
Eddie – September 21st

The DJ Hero 2 song list is now available
EdEN – September 21st

Mafia II Review from Kombo
EdEN – September 21st

Scott Pilgrim vs the World gets an extra life on Bluray
EdEN – September 21st

CNN Move Review: “How Move is better than the Wii”
Oly – September 21st

Rumor: Little Big Planet 2 Delayed Until 2011
Eddie – September 22nd

New Move enabled game hits retail
EdEN – September 22nd

This is Jordan. This is Jordan in your 2K11
EdEN – September 22nd

RUSE reviewed over at Kombo
EdEN – September 23rd

Shadow of the Colossus Movie In Development
Oly – September 23rd

Red Dead Redemption Zombie Undead Nightmare Pack Info
Oly – September 23rd

Battle vs. Chess Delayed Until Oct. 26th
Oly – September 23rd

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Has Double XP All Weekend
Oly – September 24th

Team Ico Interview over at PlaystationBlog
EdEN – September 24th

3D Dot Game Heroes: Now with 100% more official Sackboy support
EdEN – September 24th

Kung Fu Rider Review at Kombo
EdEN – September 24th

New Yakuza 4 Screens Released
Oly – September 24th

MAG Joins the PS3’s Greatest Hits
Sakinah – September 25th

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There was talk on the last recap of a possible Warhawk game night. If we are to set one up, what would be the best time and day to do so?

[tab:Thank You]
Thanks for reading the recap. Yeah, it was another late one, but I’m gonna get started on this week’s today and hopefully have it up tonight, which will be the first time in a while.