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The Weekly Recap (September 26th – October 2nd)

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Told ya I would get this on here tonight! As for this week’s highlights, there were even more boxset rumors announced, including a Tom Clancy collection and Rayman. There has also been more talk about RDR DLC, as well as the Marshalls being unlocked for multiplayer, the PSN store’s revenues were really high for the month of August, and Uncharted 2 Game of the Year edition has been announced as well.

There are a couple commentary posts by EdEN and Ferginator88. You can check out a video of Guerilla Games talking about Move controls in Killzone 3, as well as a few new trailers, including a long one for the upcoming Castlevania game (it also appears we accidentally posted it twice). We also have a few reviews and impressions posts. Ceidz gave us his impressions on Netflix in Canada, Eddie reviews Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, mairondil reviewed Racquet Sports for the Move and Trev reviewed FIFA 11.

Also, be sure to check out the trailers and video section for videos of a few games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops and more LBP2 Beta videos. Now, hopefully I can keep up with getting these up on Saturday nights again!

[tab:Community News]

Just a heads up, if you live in the San Francisco area, we would love to get you to write for us! Since we’re a smaller community, and based all over the place, we are unable to go to a lot of the events we are often invited to (and many of them are in that area). If you would like to write, it would be great! Plus, you can get into these events for us as well!

This month is also PS3Blog’s Halloween Month. Tosh has invited people to make custom Halloween-themed versions of the top banner that he will change out every other day.

In case you missed it, our big Move giveaway has finished, and the winners were announced (we also had double points leading up to the end of the contest for a couple days). The winners are as follows:

  1. Adam T
  2. Skott
  3. jeliminy
  4. Emrah
  5. Televided-God
  6. UbeRamza

Congratulations to the six of you!

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[tab:Gaming News]

Rumor: Tom Clancy Boxset and Rayman Trilogy HD/3D Remakes Also On the Way
Eddie – September 27th

F1 2010 Broken
Trev – September 28th

Dead Space 2 Facebook Beta Signup
Tosh – September 28th

Uncharted 2: Game of The Year Edition Announced
EdEN – September 28th

Resistance 3 Concept Art Revealed
Sakinah – September 28th

COD: Black Ops Viral Website Has Been Invaded By Zombies
Oly – September 27th

PlayStation Game Runners Public Open Day
Trev – September 30th

Playstation Network Revenue For August Estimated at $5.7 million
Sakinah – October 1st

The Marshals are Coming, the Marshals are coming… to RDR
Oly – October 1st

OPM Readers Crown Uncharted 2 as the Greatest PlayStation Game Ever
Sakinah – October 1st

Sucker Punch Interview With Eurogamer
Eddie – September 28th

Comparing the Nintendo 3DS to Sony’s 3D Efforts
EdEN – September 29th

Video Game Violence, is there such a thing as too much?
Ferginator88 – September 30th

MadCatz: Most of Our Peripherals Still Work on PS3 FW 3.50
Ace – September 26th

Check out modnation’s new artist spotlight
White-Sharingan – September 27th

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Only on PS3?
Luke – September 28th

Two Worlds II Needs More Polish, TopWare Cries Foul!
Luke – September 29th

New Killzone 3 on the Move Video
Sakinah – September 30th

MAG 2.0 Patch Released Today
premiersoupir – September 30th

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC Pack Announced
Madagasca – September 29th

More Red Dead Redemption Zombie Animal Madness
Oly – October 1st

Mortal Kombat & Prince of Persia HD Collection Box Art Spotted
Sakinah – September 26th

Stranger’s PS3 Model is Vastly Improved
Jay – September 26th

SBK-X Super Bike World Championships Coming Oct. 19
Oly – September 30th

Tales From Space: About a Blob PS3 Exclusive
EdEN – September 30th

Canadian Netflix Impressions
Ceidz – September 26th

“Space Invaders: Infinity Gene” PS3Blog Review
Eddie – September 27th

Racquet Sports hands on review
mairondil – September 28th

FIFA 11 Review
Trev – September 30th

Eleven Minutes of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Sakinah – September 27th

Will You Tell the Truth or Lie?
Luke – September 27th

For all you spiky haired fans
No Kill Tayler – September 29th

Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer
Luke – September 29th

Another Lengthy Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer With Commentary
Oly – September 29th

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Debut Trailer
Oly – September 30th

Little Big Planet 2 Beta Videos Continue to Amaze
Oly – September 30th

COD: Black Ops Customization Trailer
Oly – October 1st

FIFA 11 UK Price Update
Madagasca – September 29th

Superstars V8 Racing Coming to PSN for $19.99, or WIN A COPY!!
Oly – September 30th

Watch 3D Photos with PlayMemories (PSN)
Gibb – September 29th

Guybrush Threepwood Skin Revealed for SW:Force Unleashed 2
Oly – September 30th


Blade Kitten Review from IGN
EdEN – September 26th

New Battle Rifle Revealed for PlayStation Move
Sakinah – September 27th

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Beta Is Live!!
Oly – September 27th

Two Worlds II Pushed Back till Jan 2011
Oly – September 27th

Two More Blade Kitten Reviews
EdEN – September 28th

Dead Rising 2 Review from Joystiq
EdEN – September 28th

New Greatest Hits Added for PS3
EdEN – September 28th

Beyond Good & Evil HD Announced
Sakinah – September 30th

Guillermo del Toro Confirmed He’s Working With THQ or is HE?
Oly – September 30th

The Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Announced for Oct 26th
Oly – September 30th

Ubisoft has a lot of content planed for PSN
EdEN – September 30th

PS3 Rockband Keyboard Bundle Won’t be Sold in the USA
Eddie – October 2nd

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game DLC In November
Oly – October 2nd

GOW: Ghosts of Sparta Pre-order exclusive Theme for the PSP
Oly – October 2nd

[tab:Play With Us]

As I said, if you have any ideas, please let us know! I’m going to try to get more serious on getting people to help set some of these up, maybe even try to do a different game scheduled every night or something. GT5 Race Days/Nights are definitely planned, though.

[tab:Thank You]
Thanks for taking the time to read a second recap in one day. Trust me, I would have had last week’s up earlier if I had known I hadn’t posted it yet! Check back again next week and see if you might have missed out on anything important!

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