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Media Molecule: Sony’s Very Supportive

When it comes to failed games development, it’s very easy to push the blame game towards the direction of big publishing companies like Sony. More often than not, we hear of accusations flying back and forth as to how stifled the creative process was to the impediment of what could have been “the best game ever FTW!”. But no, not Sony. So says Media Molecule.

The LittleBigPlanet creators stand by their man, Sony, telling people at the Eurogamer Expo that not all publishers are out to just make a quick buck and leave the developers by their fragile selves as soon as the game’s out and reaping in money.

Said Alex Evans, “The nice thing about the industry, and I think you see it in all of the big publishers, Sony especially, is that they’re not in it for a quick buck. There’s no point, especially for a first party title, putting out something that’s nearly there, like 99% there […] Sony have been so amazingly supportive. It’s not easy to phone them up and go ‘Guys, we’re not there yet’. You know, they couldhave said ‘F*** it, we don’t care’ and the point is, they didn’t.”

Their fondness for each other is very apparent too. After all, LBP remains to be PS3 exclusive. Regardless of that however, what’s good to hear is that Sony can be the good guy every once in a while.

Via [Critical Gamer]