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Game Nights with

Lately, our game nights have been pretty impromptu, with Sinlock and Demerson’s attempts being the most organized of the bunch. I’m here hoping to get interest in Game Nights, but I need help from you guys.

Before I get into that, though, our first one will take place tomorrow night at around 5:30PM Pacific time. The game of choice is Red Dead Redemption (as chosen by a couple folks on our facebook page). If you’re interested in joining, let me know here, along with your PSN ID; add me on PSN as well. My ID is JimmyMagnum. We’ll be doing hideouts, hunting and co-op! Not sure if it will be affected, but I do have the Liars and Cheats pack for more hideouts, etc, so you might need that. I know Sinlock will be doing Game Nights for RDR again when the Undead Nightmare releases as well.

Now, as to why I need help. We’re aiming to have multiple game nights set up a week, with different games on different nights/days, etc. This will be determined on availability and the games someone owns. Since not many of us will be owning every multiplayer game that comes out, I want to get people to manage game nights for specific games, etc. If you’re interested, let me know!

Preferably, I want at least 2 people per game/night that can help run it, so if you want to help us and own the games folks want to play, let us know! The two-per-game is mostly for if one person can’t make it, another can step in. I will see about compensation (read: points) for helping to run these (I will talk to Tosh about that one). More information after the jump!

As far as players go, I will try to get points to top players as well. The guys who help run the game nights will have to PM me a winners list or something. Point rewards will be determined in the near future. We have plans and the like for tournaments and everything as well.

After we get this RDR game night tomorrow, we’re going to try to do a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 night sometime soon as well, and then work on expanding the list to games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Uncharted 2, MGO, Killzone, LBP (though that’s limited to 4) etc. If you want to see a game featured, let us know and we’ll try to get a game night going for it!

One of the ones I’m most excited about will be our Race Days and Race Nights on Gran Turismo 5. I will be heading this one for sure. Each race will be featuring a different class, specific eras, etc. I also plan on having tournaments and endurance races every once in a while as well. Not sure what day or time, but it will happen! Tournament and endurance racers who managed a 1st-3rd place will likely get awarded more points than usual, but will also be based on place.

Hopefully we get a lot of interest in this! It will be a great way to earn points and the like as well! If this initiative picks up, we’ll have a drawn out schedule folks can check out to see when and what we’ll be playing!