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TRON: Evolution Multiplayer Impressions Preview

At the Tron Evolution preview, I was engaged in mortal combat with other combatants. The first mode, I started with was Team Slayer (Disintegrate). I managed to grab some derezzes (kill) initially. Team colors are Blue vs Orange (where did red go?) I also watched a few of the other people playing completely annihilate the other team. The camera angle is not the greatest one in the world but it will work for now. I assume the sensitivity was really low.

The next mode was a Bike Racing Deathmatch mode. I forgot to grab the name of it. Basically, it was about morphing into a cycle and race around, forcing the enemy to drive into your color lines that form behind your cycle. A good way of avoiding the color walls was to morph out of the cycle so it shot you in the air and it was enough for morphing back into a cycle to continue the rampage. Controls for the cycle were really simple, but the movement felt numb. There is also a tank somewhere on the map and you can get yourself and a teammate stuck. The cycle stuck under the allied tank was annoying. It could also use as team grieving by abusing the cycle-tank movement impair.

The next mode was Point Capture, with intense fighting to control nodes. Another point capture mode was a way point capturing where the nodes had to be captured in a certain order. There is also a cycle mode form of the point capture.

Another mode, I also played was Capture the bits in cycle mode, which is pretty much like Capture the Flag/Intel. While capturing the bits, my teammate drove around while the enemy team chased him down until the match ended. The person who had the bit when the match ended earned more XP.

Mastery of precise control is needed for both singleplayer and multiplayer. It is best to time your shots and rebounds in order to kill most of the enemies.

Experience Points is earned by fragging enemies and completing the match. There were 3-4 loadouts and, as I can remember, it was one for heavy mod. For fine-tuning your character in in-game matches, there are system upgrades, which can really affect the gameplay by giving you more HP or damage.

I was on a 360 at the time and could not tell you what the controls would be for the PS3. I saw a glimpse of the singleplayer and it seems to be filled with platforming and wall-running. Yes, wall running with XP and upgrading. There are no differences between 360 and PS3 as far as I can see.