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Resistance 3 News From The November Issue of Game Informer


New details on Insomniac Games third installment of the Resistance series ( not counting Resistance: Retribution for the PSP ) has been revealed in a 10 page story in Game Informer with the following information taken from Neogaf.

*Beware of Resistance 2 spoilers ahead*

-Capelli started a family with Susan(Hale’s Stepsister)
– Son is sick so Capelli needs to travel to New York to get an anti-virus
– Malikov is alive
– Co-op campaign confirmed (Capelli, Malikov, & John Harper) are key characters
– No alternate story co-op similar to Resistance 2
– Scenes described in the magazine, some are related to the leaked pictures
– African Prison is one map
– Chimeran Plant Life (explodes when shot) shows the world is changing
– Boat scenes from the campaign described
– New, smarter AI
– Climb over walls, through windows
– Long legs jumping from roof to roof shooting down at you
– The Mutator is a new weapon, shoots biological mist which causes boils and other elements on the enemy
– Then it makes them pop, which hurts other nearby enemies
– Secondary fire makes them go crazy, attack their cohorts
– Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger, carbine returning
– Upgrade weapons as you use them more and more
– Weapons have been made to look more improvised
– Grenades are shaped like food cans full of nails
– Online discussed, not much known yet
– Want to make it more organized, not a cluster like the 60 player matches in Resistance 2
– Ted Price handed the reigns to Marcus Smith to do much of the other work
– Humans are eating other foods due to a lack of food
– Story involves Capelli trying to get the Hale Vaccine
– The vaccine was made by Malikov from Hale’s blood
– Vaccine might be able to cure the chimeran virus
– Capelli is doing this in order to save his son
– He goes with Malikov to New York, St. Louis, etc.
– No more gas, everything needs to run off of Chimeran Energy cores
– The cores have to be stolen from chimeran ships