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PlayStation Home Is Now Ruled by Lord Pumpkinhead “the Demon Gourd from Hell”

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! and Hide your husband! Cause they scaring everybody up in here!
It seems that this exclusive PlayStation Home halloween event will allow you the chance of an exclusive costume.

On Thursday, October 21st, Lord Pumpkinhead (aka “the Demon Gourd from Hell”) will appear In the middle of PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza, his gigantic glowing face sneering like an intolerant king at his unworthy subjects, rotating so that all can bear witness to his glorious image.

As an offering to your pumpkin overlord, you and your friends must toss coins into his mouth as it rotates past. Make a proper offering, and the exalted one will reward you as one of his followers. Fail in your tithing efforts, and you will anger the ever-powerful Lord Pumpkinhead, hindering your chances of entering the Demon Gourd’s fold.

Legend has it that Lord Pumpkinhead has additional rewards for his most loyal subjects. Can you ascend to the ranks of his chosen few?