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The Weekly Recap (October 17th-23rd)

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Finally, 3 Recaps in one day. Hopefully I won’t have to do this again! The month of October is almost over already (it seems like it just started). With trophies, contests and the like going on, there’s always something to do here. Yeah, it’s been a slow few weeks with the news posting, but it’s sure to pick up. Expect a review from me later this week, as I’ve gotten Smackdown vs Raw 2011. Anyway, here are this week’s highlight:

  • Over 1 million Move units have been sold in North America
  • Sakinah showed us a software comparison of games between the Move and Kinect
  • Eddie voiced his concern over video game legislation
  • Netflix is finally disc-free in the US
  • There was a bunch of new Undead Nightmare info (and trailers)
  • The BFBC2 Vietnam add-on has been priced
  • We have reviews for Dead Space Ignition and Medal of Honor (by EdEN and Trev, respectively)
  • Some Killzone 3 Beta footage has popped up

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The newest addition to the site is the inclusion of Trophies. That’s right, your activity on this site now rewards you with these trophies! Some of them will definitely take time to get; even I have about 17 or 18 left to acquire. Be sure to check those out!

Alright, so I told you that the winners were selected for the WinX HD video converter. Here is the list:


With that out of the way, we now have another contest going on. This time, it’s for best Halloween costume and a pumpkin carving contest. Each is their own competition, with the winners getting points (and first place getting a $20 PSN Gift Card). Good luck with that!

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[tab:Gaming News]

BioShock Infinite Desktops
Oly – October 20th

PlayStation Home Is Now Ruled by Lord Pumpkinhead “the Demon Gourd from Hell”
Oly – October 20th

1 Million MOVE Units Sold in N. America
Luke – October 21st

Move vs Kinect Software Comparison
Sakinah – October 18th

Gamers!!! Let Your Voices Be Heard!!!
Eddie – October 20th

Netflix Disc Free App on PS3 LIVE
Luke – October 18th

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Info and A New Trailer
Oly – October 18th

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Priced
Ace – October 21st

Dead Space Ignition Review
EdEN – October 18th

Medal of Honor Review
Trev – October 19th

The Tester Season 2 Trailer
Oly – October 20th

Yet Another RDR: Undead Nightmare Trailer With Ways to Kill Zombies and 5 New Trophies Revealed
Oly – October 20th

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Multiplayer Trailer
Oly – October 21st

New Multiplayer Gameplay Footage of Killzone 3 ( Beta )
Sakinah – October 21st

White Knuckle Cream to Cover Your Over Gripping Gaming Hands
Oly – October 19th

Microsoft Jabs 3D and Sony
Darrin – October 20th

Real Life version of Bioshock’s Utopian State
Darrin – October 21st


Great Scott! There’s a free game in my Back to the Future Blu-Ray trilogy!
Sakinah – October 18th

Buy Rock Band 3 and Get 3 Free Doors Tracks
Oly – October 18th

Killzone 3 Beta Giveaway [UPDATE]
Luke – October 19th

God of War Collection Available on PSN on November 2nd
EdEN – October 20th

Win a Copy of “Get Fit With Mel B”
Oly – October 21st

BioShock 2 for $20
Luke – October 22nd

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Alright, that does it for me this week. Finally got caught up on the Recaps! I dropped the ‘Play With Us’ tab for this one because I already expressed what’s going on in the past 2 Recaps and didn’t feel they needed explaining anymore 😆

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