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Apple’s Money Burning Holes in Their Pockets, May Bid for Adobe, Facebook, Sony, Disney…Wait…Sony???

I’ve come across several articles today about Apple planning to purchase 1 or many of other large popular companies. This seems pretty reasonable as they have 51 billion dollars waiting to be spent with no debt. I, however, find myself hard pressed to believe these rumors even now that some official editorials are reporting the information such as the New York Times or Barrons Financial News Site.

What is most likely, is that if there is any truth to these rumors, then Apple will most likely be making a bid for a company within hours from now. believes that the bid will mostly likely be made for EA but does not support this with a source.

No matter what happens, it’s going to be a crazy day for the US market.

I really hope a purchase for Sony is not made. While I think there are many pro’s and cons to said purchase, I prefer things the way they are. How about you?