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Explodemon, Another PSN Exclusive!

Looks like we have another exclusive coming to the PSN. This time from Curve Studios, an independent developer based in London, England. The game looks pretty good, after watching the trailer I got a Megamanesque feeling, although it still looks like a fresh idea.

So what’s this game about? Well according to Ed Fear, the PR & Community Manager at Curve Studios the “nefarious Vortex have mounted a surprise invasion on the planet Nibia, destroying its entire Guardian defence force in the process. Only one hope remains: the malfunctioning prototype Guardian Explodemon, locked in stasis after a, shall we say, ‘devastating’ activation experiment”. Nothing like the guy that is supposedly a screw up to come and save the day ah?

This seems like it’s a fun, fast paced action-platformer with a good amount of challenging puzzles. Explodemon
will contain the following:

  • 12 huge levels of pulse-pounding platforming
  • a deep control system
  • devastatingly up-close-and-personal combat
  • upgradable special abilities
  • comic-book style cutscenes and a story that’ll make you giggle
  • Not sure about any of you, but any game that can make me giggle like a girl will make me buy it. The price for this game hasn’t been set, but the team promises that it will be the most explosive game to hit the PSN this Winter.