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Killzone 3 Beta | Game Night 10.26 Recap

We had Luke and FrenchK (he also brought along one of his friends) show up last night. But Luke was a little late because he was chatting in the Live Chat on so I had to jump on and tell him that we are waiting for him, lol.

Since this is a Beta we can’t talk about the game really. But the first match we had to wait a bit for opponents to show up which was fine. We had some fun testing out the jet packs and exploring the map. At least I did, first time I’ve seen it. The last match was very annoying because of a few select people killed us off extremely easily and quickly a LOT.

FrenchK was usually in the top 3 standing, he was good. I hovered in the top 5 ish. Luke was near the bottom of the standings this time. Better luck next time Luke.

Now onto the awards for attending Luke and FrenchK get 50 points.

50 Points – FrenchK gets a award for being on time.
50 Points – Luke gets an award for taking a lot of enemy fire.

I personally had a lot of fun. Looking forward to another game night soon.