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Activision Shafts PS3 Users (Again) (Black Ops)

CoD2 was never released on the PS3, probably because it came out before the PS3 was launched. But CoD3 was released for the PS3, but without the split screen support and map packs that 360 users enjoyed. In MW2 split screen, we had to play against “Guest 2” and “Guest 3” while 360 users got to play against named opponents. (I assume this was the case in WaW and MW1 as well, I just don’t remember.) 360 users got map packs before PS3 users as well.

Now, PS3 users are getting shafted by Activision one more time. Is it getting to the point where we have to just expect this and be content with our second-class status?

What am I talking about? Split screen online support, where the second player gets to log in under their own Xbox Live account on the 360, while PS3 users do not get the equivalent PSN support.

Just makes you kind of mad, doesn’t it? Is Microsoft’s wallet at play here? Or is Activision just lazy? Or do they really just like to baby their 360’s because they just like them so much more?

Oh, and before you go saying that the PS3 doesn’t support this kind of dual login, just stop right there. It does. Resistance 2, released two years ago, supports this feature, and does a great job of it. It’s in the firmware, Activision. Use it!