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Playstation Rewards Beta Invites Are Going Out Now

If you are a GAP member and/or an early adopter of PlayStation Plus, be sure to check your email to see if you were accepted in the PlayStation Rewards program. Sony announced the program recently as an awards incentive for doing exactly what you already do and that’s play games. Good luck to all, hopefully more details unfold soon.

Click more to see new information taken directly from the PlayStation®Rewards Beta Agreement

all of the following was taken directly from the

PlayStation®Rewards Beta Agreement

…and should answer a few of the questions u may have

The Rewards Beta Program begins on October 28, 2010 (“Start Date”) and continues until March 31, 2011 (“End Date”). The period of time between and including the Start Date and End Date is referred to as the “Rewards Beta Program Period.” Each Beta Participant’s status progress will be set to zero at the Start Date. Status progress reflects how close a member is to achieving a tier in the Rewards Beta Program.

Beta Participants can improve their status positively by participating in activities on PSN or with PlayStation-brand products that SCEA determines contribute to a Beta Participant’s status progress (“Rewards Beta Program Activities”).

not sure what they mean by activities

Participation in Rewards Beta Program Activities will determine a Beta Participants participation or tier status during the Beta. SCEA will inform Beta Participants through the Site or e-mail messages of the general types of activities that affect Rewards Beta Program status and therefore constitute Rewards Beta Program Activities, but SCEA may track other activities as Rewards Beta Program Activities without disclosing these activities

If your status progresses enough during the Rewards Beta Program to reach a Rewards tier, SCEA will notify you that you have reached a new Reward tier. Data for some Rewards Beta Program Activities, specifically those involving use of the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system but including others, may not be reflected in your Beta Participant status progress for up to 60 days and sometimes longer.

SCEA will notify you via e-mail when you reach a new tier status and have earned a Reward (“Rewards Notification”). Rewards Notifications will include a voucher code that Beta Participants may redeem and download Rewards through the PlayStation Store. Beta Participants will have 30 days from notification to redeem Rewards, unless the Rewards Notification provides a different time frame for redemption. If Beta Participant does not redeem a Reward within this 30-day period or other specified time frame, Beta Participant forfeits that reward. Rewards are available only while supplies last and quantities may be limited. Beta Participants have no property rights in their Rewards Beta Program status or Rewards.

this does mean we may lose all rewards at the end of the u have been warned

this is just a few snippets from the agreement for the entire thing go here