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Playstation Plus November Update

Playstation Plus info just in. Looking a little skimpy for North America but Europe seems to have a pretty decent list of items.
As usual, we can probably expect a few unannounced things to hit the store for at least limited Playstation Plus members, but as for now, not much to see here.

What are your thoughts on Playstation Plus so far?

[tab:North America]

Full Game Trial – God of War I & God of War II

Downloadable Games – God of War I & Chaos Skin Bundle, God of War II & Forgotten Warrior Skin Bundle

minis – BreakQuest

Discounted Games – Tomb Raider 2

Free Add-ons & Themes – God of War III Dominus Skin, Dead Nation Theme, Shadowy Graves Theme

Videos Qore Episode 30


Full Game Trial – TBA

Downloadable Games – TBA

Free Games – Critter Crunch

minis – Bloons, Vempire

Discounted Games – Penny Arcade Parts 1&2 (buy one get one free), Death Track (with Anarchy Racing bundled in free), Punisher: No Mercer (50% off), Landid Bandit (50% off)

Free Add-ons & Themes – Exclusive MUBI Theme, Exclusive Shapes Theme

Videos – TBA