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Report: NBA Elite 11 Officially Cancelled

Video game blog Kotaku reports that EA’s embarrassingly delayed new NBA game, NBA Elite 11, has now been officially canceled by EA during an investor call.

The game was initially delayed a week before it was to hit the markets in September, and the demo drew criticism from fans of EA’s previous NBA franchise, NBA Live. Matters were not helped by the rave reviews of Elite‘s chief rival, 2K’s fantastic NBA 2K11. The main reason to buy Elite was the inclusion for the downloadable NBA Jam reboot, which was removed when EA announced that Jam would be released as a standalone product.

It is unknown if Elite will be picked up for the 2011-2012 NBA season, but if the past is any indication, 2K12 will probably be better than Elite 12.

At least Elite 11 will always leave us with the awesomely hilarious “Jesus Bynum” glitch (warning: contains some explicit language):

That’s probably what Elite 11 would’ve been remembered for, even if it was released.