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Crescent Pale Mist Up For Release on PSN Next Tuesday

The new game from Rockin’ Android and Sony Online Entertainment, Crescent Pale Mist, will soon be available at the PSN Store thanks to Tuesday’s update. As logic would dictate, it’s a PSN exclusive since SOE is involved and Sony releasing a game in another console was either three gens ago or would take place three gens ahead (predictions, predictions; you have to remember the 90’s and tell me if you still think it couldn’t happen).

Basically this offering is a cross between a fast-paced platforming 2D action game and a bullet hell shooter. The developer refers to it as a 2.5D game, my guess being that it says so because it uses polygons instead of being of the hand drawn variety (as was the case with Muramasa on Wii, a game rumored to be set up for launch on the PS3 in the first months of 2011 in Japan) The trailer available at the link gives you a better idea about how the game works but for me it just seems a bit too hectic, even for a bullet hell game. Maybe it has something to do with watching the action in a small PC monitor instead of on a big 40″ 1080p TV.

The game is priced at a budget workable and PSN Store friendly $5.99 (did you notice you save 1 cent every time you purchase a game on the PSN store over the same game at XBLA? Sony really, truly loves us! Buy 100 games, get a dollar for free!) so if  bullet hell games are your cup-o-tea the transaction total asked for it is low enough to even give it a blind go.