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VUDU on PS3: Even More 3rd Party Content Delivery?

So, the PlayStation 3 has had Netflix for some time, and only recently was able to get a disc-free version of the service (which, I might add, is lightning fast compared to the disc), and Hulu Plus will officially launch next week. Now word is floating around that the VUDU service may also be heading to the system, and as soon as this December.

For those unfamiliar with VUDU, it is an HD Movie and TV streaming service, similar in a way to Netflix, that also allows you to purchase movies as well (and, unlike Netflix, it has a lot of new releases available to stream as well). It’s not subscription-based, though, so you’ll have to ‘rent’ movies like on-demand services from cable/satellite providers. IGN has gotten a hold of some internal documents from VUDU’s parent company, Wal-Mart, that says:

  • PS3 and Vudu
    • Walmart’s own digital download service will be available on the Playstation network
    • Over 20 million existing PS3 customers will have access to this service

Of course, making it sound pretty official, IGN contacted both Sony and VUDU, and both declined to comment.