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Black Ops Bugs Rampant on PS3 Version [UPDATE]

CVG has reported that there are many complaints being listed on the official Black Ops website with many of them being acknowledged by Treyarch. It seems that the PS3 could have just been an afterthought or Treyarch just doesn’t have the PS3 down.

Before I list the bugs, lets list a couple of the known developmental problems.

-Game runs natively at 540p. 360 version runs natively at 600p.
-Despite a lower resolution, frame rate issues are still occurring extensively. Sometimes dropping into the teens.
-Both PS3 and 360 versions are having issues streaming textures.

Now for the bugs and glitches.

-Party invite system not working, unable to join friends even with public chosen
-Leaderboards not reading correct kills
-Framerate issues are affecting the gameplay
-Theatre mode not working correctly
-Respawns, issue spawning near enemies on smaller maps
-Game freezing PS3 console
-Party option “Leave Party” not working correctly
-Locale Search option not working correctly
-Mic’s not showing in lobby
-Error “Disconnected due to transmission Error” appearing after some games
-Knifing mechanic seems to act like “commando lunge” from MW2.
-Hosting a game can cause enemies to see you about a 1/2 second before you can see them

360 version is only reporting a few of these problems and most of them are the more minor ones. PC version is having a bit of trouble due to how its handled by the CPU/GPU also.

MW2 at times looks much better then this game and both consoles were nearly identical. So what was the problem this time? Infinity Ward > Treyarch? Treyarch moneyhatted by MS? Treyarch just incompetant or lazy? Whats your thought?

Josh Olin the Community Manager tweeted the following:

Hello World. We’re here, working. We will patch all platforms, as always. I’ll have info of substance once we catch our breath. #ItsBeen1Day