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GameStop Will Sell PSN Games and DLC… No, Seriously.

Well, look at that! Game Stop has decided it’s time for them to get a bigger slice of the pie as far as digital sales are concerned. So now when you go to pick up your latest pre-order (you ARE pre-ordering games such as Black Ops which might be sold out if you decide to show up at Game Stop to pick up the game a couple of days after launch, right?) You can also decide to take home a scratch and sniff (minus the sniff) card with a download code to buy a game or DLC on PSN, good for buying that game or DLC ONLY. Cards specifically for PS+ are also to be offered to customers at the store. Why not just get a $20 PSN Card and then proceed to buy whatever you want with it? Well, for one some people don’t have $20 lying around so buying just some DLC for $5-10 or a PSN game in the same range could drive up sales for individual releases.

Now here comes the questions and comments section: what happens if, say, Scott Pilgrim gets a discount on PSN? Will Gamestop also temporarily reduce the price to match it or will they continue to gouge unknowing customers into paying a higher price? Have to give them the benefit of the doubt… which means I really doubt they will reduce the price of the cards.

I’ve never once entered my Credit Card info on PSN since I prefer to buy $50 PSN cards every couple of months and then I can use that to buy the latest worthy discounted PSN game or DLC to fill up the void in all of our lives. Do you do the same or do you actually forfeit your security and hand over your CC info to Sony’s reliable customer service?